The first 2.5D group located in photoelectric sand Feng Ming

Foshan, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao to the Guangzhou East, south of Zhongshan, is "Guangfo metropolitan area", "economic circle Hajime Guangfo", "west of the Pearl River Economic Zone, the important component. And as Beijiao business district headquarters of the latest masterpiece, Ying Feng, Feng Ming center is to high-end financial services industry pilot, melts the social business, the quality of leisure and entertainment elite, brand display high-end formats, the set of environmental protection, ecology, energy-saving, intelligent technology in the 5A intelligent of super grade A office building.
In March 2016, the center was officially completed, the center covers an area of. In Feng Ming center hall, has a vision of the world's new launch the first 2.5D photoelectrical sand table, the sand table through photoelectrical sand table of stereo projection technology will buildings and sand table a perfect blend of, the traditional two-dimensional presentation upgrade for three-dimensional dynamic digital virtual mode, whether it is from the visual ornamental, still present realistic three-dimensional level, bring people a new and interactive experience.
Compared with the traditional 2D sand table, is this the first 2.5D photoelectric sandbox what advantage?
In the video, we can find that the country's first 2.5D photoelectric sandbox display effect is more advanced. Traditional 2D opto electronic sand table only in the plane of the sand table display of architectural form, and this the first 2.5D photoelectrical sand table can not only in graphic display, can display on the facade of the sand table model. The extensive use of high-tech display techniques, set sound, light, electricity, and interactive projects, 3D animation, film and television modern visual effect, the effect of the performance of the more beautiful and vivid, with strong interactivity, like be personally on the scene.
Secondly, the exhibition contents of this sandbox more extensive innovation. The sand table is simple, clear way to fully embodies the characteristics of the display content. The presentations were unconventional, both innovation in traditional panels, and based on fully reflect the achievements of modern high technology interaction.
Again, the content of science and technology is higher. Sand table is provided with a central control system, including the overall control, hall lighting, lighting, computer, console, such as strong and weak electricity system in accordance with the pre prepared to run the program to run automatically, from the open source and closed power, do not need to artificially control, automatic operation.
Compared with the traditional 2D photoelectric photoelectric 2.5D sandbox, the sandbox will undoubtedly be more advanced. By the glare of the photoelectric effect with dynamic roads, buildings, trees, sand table and propaganda animation matched lining, perfect harmony, shocking. Visual Global Creative Technology Co., Ltd. in the field not only has a rich experience in the production, and leading the innovation of science and technology, over the years has been working to build a high-tech, high-quality multimedia digital sand table model and provide the most reliable products and technologies.

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