About us / Company Introduction

 BID is a leading architectural model maker and 3D computer graphic animator based in UAE, Hong   Kong   and   China.   We specialize in architectural & engineering presentation services meanwhile providing high quality visual design and production.
From establishing making fine architectural physical models handcrafted 15 years ago, and later then work in CAD, laser cutting, 3d computer models until now high tech virtual models. BID has developed full strength of resources, professions and technicians, now mastered in craft, design and technology.
During the past 15 years of dedication, we have completed more than 6000 projects spanning over 32 countries in almost every region of the world. BID has obtained a high reputation as one of the industry's premier architectural model makers and CG animators.
BID is being positioned as second-to-none professional model contractor and 3D CG provider with unparalleled expertise and global exposure. No matter where you are and what you are require, our commitment is to provide top quality products and full professional services internationally at very effective cost.