About us

BID vision Group originally from Hong Kong bases on our architectural expertise, combining experience, craftsmanship, technology, creativity and services as our core value.
The latest presentation effects and media for architectural design, urban planning real estate sales, television advertising product demonstrations and other areas to provide a full range of creative visual exhibition display service.
20 years experience in model production with 3D innovation  
BID specializes in properties, architectural and engineering presentation production. Starting from making fine architectural miniature models by hand 20 years ago, we now offer CAD, laser cut, 3D computer models for CGI and animations as well as high tech virtual reality models. Our highly skilled technicians and professionals consistently produce high quality and innovative products including realistic scaled model displays, 3D rendering, HD animation video, projecting models, interactive programming and touch screen applications. We have full strength of resources, design & technical professions plus technicians mastered in design, craft and technology.